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Finally, an answer to the snake problem.

Glue Boards

Various forms of glue boards may be recommended or allegedly used as traps and purported to capture snakes. Such glue boards are either square or rectangular in shape. It is both illogical and erroneous to think that these glue boards are effective at catching snakes. An examination of how snakes crawl along with their behaviors will quickly force the conclusion of how poorly glue boards would work.

Illustration 1

First, snakes crawl with their heads slightly elevated. In this manner, a portion of the neck area would be first to touch a sticky surface. See Illustration 1. In the natural state, snakes do encounter sticky substances such as pine sap or other tree saps. Yet, one does not find snakes stuck to trees or other naturally occurring sticky substances. The reason: the moment the throat touches a sticky substance, the snake quickly withdraws it's head and crawls in another direction. This behavior was repeatedly demonstrated by snakes in every test; and, by snakes from every continent. It is a universal behavior- touch a sticky substance and then back away quickly.

Illustration 2

Second, pictures on the Internet often show a snake stuck to a glue board. Typically, the snake is on the board as shown in Illustration 2. The astute observer must question how a snake became stuck on a glue board some distance from the edge (point A to point B)? How did the snake avoid getting stuck at the edge (point A) in order to arrive somewhere on the glue board (point B)? Clearly, this could not happen and is totally illogical. It is simply impossible for a snake to crawl partway across the glue and get stuck in the middle of the glue board.

The Snake Guard Snake Trap avoids the faulty approach of glue boards by its patented and strategically placed glue surface. The special formulation glue used by Snake Guard is placed in a "V" shape within the Trap. The snake enters either end of the trap and at some point along the narrowing plane of the glue, a loop of the snake's body becomes stuck in the glue. The snake attempts to leverage away and more loops of it's body become stuck to the glue. In addition, Snake Guard has patented tabs which guide the snake's body toward the glue as it crawls within the Trap. Don't be disappointed and miss catching the offending snake in your house by using a common glue board. The Snake Guard Snake Trap is the answer to effective snake capture. Developed and patented by a university trained herpetologist more than 12 years ago.

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