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Customer Experiences and Testimonials

"I have already started using your Snake Guard traps and have in the last week sold 5 - one of which has already worked successfully. I believe they will be helpful in my business. It also offers hope for the often shocked customer."


"This is myself with a snake (in the Snake Guard Snake Trap) I took out of a ladies sunroom. The snakeskin was on her windowsill behind the T.V. when she went to change the channel she saw it and freaked out. Called me... the rest is history!"


"I had the opportunity to use your product while deployed to Albania (1999) and Kosovo (2000-2001). It worked very well for poisonous snakes entering areas where troops were living. Thank You."

L.L.R. Jr., PhD
Lieutenant Colonel
U.S. Army, Medical Service Corps

"The sixth trap was used as a demonstration. A snake was allowed to crawl into the trap while being observed. The trap was very effective at stopping the snake. The traps have some potential uses in households where a snake has been sighted or in commercial cargo containers as a means of catching any onboard snakes. The Snake Guard trap would certainly be effective for ground-dwelling snakes."

M.P., DS

"Many thanks to you for your assistance with our recent snake problem. We're beginning to feel it's under control and appreciate all your efforts with the Snake Guard traps and their placement. Thank you for helping us make it safe from unwanted predators!"

W.A.R., PhD
University President

"I wanted to write you and let you know that your Snake Guard Snake Traps do indeed work. Realizing that we had a problem, your traps were placed at strategic locations in the basement. Within a day or two we had already caught our first snake, non poisonous, but a snake just the same. We intend to keep some of your traps in the area in case another snake finds his way in. Thanks for your help."

A.V.P. for facilities

"As spring approaches I wanted to send a note to tell you that we have successfully used your Snake Guard devices for several years on some of our property owned by the University. Thanks for a great product."

Associate Vice President

"Here are three pictures of the two 3.5 foot milk snakes caught in our home using the Snake Guard trap. Thank you for producing such an effective product!"

New York

"We have used Snake Guard Snake Traps for several years in our hunting camp lodge. Somehow, snakes get in every year, both upstairs and down. Snake Guards are placed on both levels of the house and capture the unwanted visitors! Thanks to Snake Guard, we get the snakes and also have peace of mind while in the camp house! A great product!"


"I would like to purchase more Snake Guard Snake Traps. (Signed) a satisfied Snake Guard user... Thankssssss!"


"I'm writing to thank you for your help locating where I can purchase the Snake Guard. Having successfully used one in the past, I was most anxious to purchase another one or two. The Snake Guard is a great product!"


"I am including a picture of a snake I caught in my house. It was caught in a Snake Guard Snake Trap. I plan on ordering a few more this weekend. Now I just have to figure out why they want to make my house their home?!"


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